Empire Escorts

by Empire Escorts

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released December 25, 2011



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Empire Escorts New Jersey

"There have always been causes, movements for people to embrace and get behind, but now we’ve reached a state worse than apathy, contentment. People are easily manipulated when safety and protection become more important than freedom and choice." "Without A Voice" examines a generation undefined and lacking purpose. Empire Escorts remains vigilant opening eyes, awakening souls and unlocking minds ... more

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Track Name: Electric Whiskey
Hey there nice to meet you sexy but see through
Focus on the loaded eyes because her body lies
Vixen twisted electric whiskey and rustic
Hips on the sun rise but her body lies

Dessert spoon kiss heavy passionate
Tongue staining dynamo incandescent glow
Vixen twisted electric whiskey and rustic
Hips on the sun rise but her body lies

You bend you lie you twist you shake
You know just what I mean
And not too far in between
Track Name: Suddenly Familiar
Clinging to the fire in your own wilderness
You've steeped long enough taste your own bitterness
The flames your guide move with the stillness
As the colors divide open to benevolence

Are you a stranger
Face yourself
Never the wiser
faith your hell

Wandering the autumn wood trees speak of innocence
You've stopped long enough hear your own ignorance
Suddenly familiar finally starts to make sense
Up and blown away so much for your arrogance

Are you a stranger, Face yourself
Mirror match, who are you
never the wiser, faith your hell
Mirror match, who are you
Track Name: Bury the Man
I must be insane, the world is heavy
If I am insane, I can't be crazy
My body broken, staggers on weary
If I am to stain, this world is heavy

Slow Down, catch your breath
Ease off, chasing death

Why are you looking with such suspicion
I know you're praying for redemption
This a loaded weapon favors one only
If I am insane, I can't be crazy

Slow down, catch your breath
Ease off, chasing death
Bury the man, Become the myth, Bury the man

Spare such words to bring me to grace
No one here you're going to save
Keep all the time you swear that I waste
Sleep off your wine and keep to your graves
Feel how it was how it is and will be
For me there's no switch no shame and no key
Don't come any closer cuz it's quite repulsive
Preaching your lessons and teaching your lies
My life may seem quite disgusting and wretched
Spiraling through your eyes
I can't I can't I can't I can't

Slow down, catch your breath
Ease off chasing death
This world is heavy
Track Name: The Pulse
No fear steadfast heartbeat breathless
pace set no past guns hot sever this
Blank stare weak hands backsweat wisdom
Hopeless no plan stoploss welcome home
Years gone and lost time
Ego up and spirit blind
Last stand no sign breaking the lifeline

No fear heart beat

Youth is dead
But I am still alive
Slaves to life we sit and wait
Awake we are free

Evolve and transcend humanity
Evolve and take immortality
Track Name: Let the Random Take
Negative and positive they say find a middle ground
Happiness unsustainable grow up realize and get to work
What if I said no and let the random take me
Holding onto ashes I want total autonomy

The core the soul these vibrations radiating naked

I don't believe in fate insanity blends with reason
Logic can't save me roof and rags oh the splendor
Can't filter it out this may be the death of me
Oh dig deeper rape me with a passion

Radiating Naked

I share nothing with you